AICM in 2021
31 employees
165 assisted care centers
2 750 000 direct and indirect beneficiaries, including 16.500 COVID patients in intensive care


 Since 2006 AICM has offered its expertise to specialized hospitals AICM's local and international consultants intervene to help set up structures that comply with European standards either for a new building or to fit out and renovate an existing building.

 According to a survey by the Ministry of Health in April 2019, 75% of specialized hospitals do not comply with standard health standards for receiving patients. Sometimes these are only minor issues such as water communications, sewers, electricity, but in most cases the needs are considerable even for sterile ventilation, distribution oxygen, access for the disabled, for ambulances, etc ...

When a new hospital is planned, Sanitary Standards Engineers are not always called upon and the result is catastrophic.

 It should be noted that many nosocomial infections, including COVID-19, are transmitted during hospitalization.

This subject is therefore sensitive. Through the GIZ and KfW project, our specialists advise 130 hospitals and care centers in their renovation project and 15 other projects