AICM in 2021
31 employees
165 assisted care centers
2 750 000 direct and indirect beneficiaries, including 16.500 COVID patients in intensive care


Since 2006, the AICM Foundation has trained thousands of medical specialists throughout Ukraine, some of them have benefited from internships in France lasting several months which allowed them to then be excellent trainers in unexplored areas of Ukrainian medicine.

In particular in the field of Cancer Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Epilepsy Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, early detection of newborn cardiac malformations, ...

Since 2015, the AICM Foundation has diversified its training activity to respond to the most urgent problems with more training in Ukraine with the presence of French specialists.

Every topics of training in Ukraine are chosen to provide, in a short delay, a sustainable update on very useful domains not covered by the post university Academies.

- Classic trainings (more than 1000 people trained each year): Improvement of existing methods to screen specific pathologies, install new protocol of treatment, organize the network of health facilities to improve the quality of healthcare and take benefit of available financing in the context of the medical reform and the decentralization,

- National/Regional program (more than 500 people trained each year) trainings, for example the fight against Anemia and light sterility, plan against the cancer, installation of preventive medicine, sensitization to modern Epilepsy treatments,   

- Peace building trainings (more than 60 people trained each year). Develop trainings for medical specialists from the both side of the conflict in another neutral country, this activity was extended to psychology of war for psychologists, education and social thematic,

- GBV Gender Based Violence: (300 people trained each year) Specific trainings in the context of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine to motivate medical Doctors to identify, protect and follow victims of GBV or Domestic violence.

- COVID-19 trainings (online trainings open to all specialists):   Emergency help in the COVID-19 context by creating a channel between French and Ukrainian hospitals on specific subjects which have a direct impact on the mortality in ICU. We took the advantage of a 6-month lag between the waves of COVID-19 in Western Europe and Ukraine to transfer online specific skills and techniques for intensive care patients to 15 hospitals in Ukraine, including in the Non-Government Controlled Areas.