AICM in 2021
31 employees
165 assisted care centers
2 750 000 direct and indirect beneficiaries, including 16.500 COVID patients in intensive care

Humanitarian activity

Humanitarian actions represent 50% of the total budget. AICM imported 554 tons of medical equipment and drugs for the most urgent needs of hospitals.

We have also provided direct help to thousands of patients for specific pathologies that are poorly understood or poorly treated.

Since 2014, and the start of the war in eastern Ukraine, AICM Ukraine has refocused its activity on helping the populations of Donbass in areas controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces AND in uncontrolled areas in the region. from Donetsk and Lugansk.

Access to healthcare is a fundamental right whatever the origin and duration of the conflict. AICM Ukraine devotes all its energy to this while remaining completely neutral and independent.

In this war zone, more than in any other, AICM has developed medical projects for the identification and protection of victims of domestic violence as well as patients suffering from specific pathologies too often forgotten in the context of a conflict such as cancer, diabetes, HIV, Tuberculosis.

AICM has been intervening since 2015 on both sides of the conflict line thanks to its discretion, total neutrality and independence.