AICM in 2021
31 employees
165 assisted care centers
2 750 000 direct and indirect beneficiaries, including 16.500 COVID patients in intensive care

legal information

The International Association for Medical Cooperation AICM is registered:

As a humanitarian organization with the prefecture of Paris (France) under number 00169981.

As the International Humanitarian Fund "AICM Ukraine" under the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine under the number 34241394 dated March 27, 2006.

As a non-profit organization of consultations and experts in accordance with the special statute of March 27, 2006. As a partner of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine since 15/11/2005.

As a training partner of the Post Medical Academy CHUPIK since 17/06/2006.

As a partner recognized by the United Nations for its humanitarian activities since December 21, 2015.

 As a humanitarian organization in the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with permission to work in the conflict zone and cross the front line under the number EP-816 from.

As a humanitarian organization recognized by the Ministry of the Occupied Territories, Veterans and Refugees for administrative assistance and protection to work in the state and non-state territories of Ukraine re-registration number: number EP-816 from 24.12.2019 № 125.

As a partner in the implementation of the World Health Organization through the European Office in Copenhagen from March 13, 2018 (Dr. Oleg Storozhenko, WHO / PNA).

AICM Ukraine is accredited to receive funding from the United Nations Humanitarian Fund (UHF) from 07/04/2019

Register in the United States at D-U-N-S 364978546.

The International Humanitarian Fund has bank accounts in hryvnias, euros and dollars. The AICM Fund's accounts are audited annually and at the end of each project for more than UAH 7 million.

 The AICM Code of Conduct is available here.