AICM in 2021
31 employees
165 assisted care centers
2 750 000 direct and indirect beneficiaries, including 16.500 COVID patients in intensive care

Humanitarian aid: UROLOGY/NEPHROLOGY

Since 2006, the AICM Foundation has benefited from the support of the companies Fresenius and Gambro to import into Ukraine more than 180 dialysis machines of the latest generation which have been installed by French specialists who have trained Ukrainian personnel in safety and sterilization standards in regional nephrology. It should be noted that in Ukraine only about ten kidney transplants are performed each year, for a prevalence of diabetes and childhood malformations three times higher than in France.

5 high-flow osmosis water treatment machines required for dialysis were installed by volunteer French Biomedical Engineers.

 In 2015, the AICM Foundation provided assistance to the Gorlovka dialysis center (located in territory not controlled by the Ukrainian government in Donetsk) to renew its equipment and reinstall a high-value water treatment plant completely shut down. due to the conflict. 24 dialysis machines including 3 for intensive care as well as consumables for 10 months of activity were brought with the help of the American government and the Swiss Confederation. Escorted by the OSCE and the UN, this precious shipment was brought close to the front line as the fighting raged. A voluntary and courageous French biomedical engineer then came to install the equipment.

This is just one illustration of the feats ACM's teams and their partners have achieved under difficult conditions to help struggling patients, most of whom are unaware of our existence.