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Launching a program against epilepsy.


Epilepsy in Ukraine is a real social problem. More than 400,000 people suffer from this disease. In Ukraine, epilepsy is still classified as a mental illness, not a neurological one. The poor education of some epileptologists, as well as the lack of communication and coordination with the National Institute of Neurology, leads to the fact that the majority of patients cannot cope with this ailment due to the therapeutic failure and ineffectiveness of the prescribed medications. In addition, there are not enough medications yet, with a special dosage for children. Knowing what destruction occurs in the brain with each seizure, you understand the need to develop an information campaign to bring this disease out of the shadows. So, on October 20, a working group was assembled, which included representatives of our Foundation, as well as doctors from the Pavlov Hospital and the National Institute of Neurosurgery named after I. Romodanov. The purpose of this work is to plan and discuss various actions. The first of them is scheduled for the end of the year in the form of a press conference on epilepsy. Then fruitful cooperation is planned for 2011 with French neurologists.