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At least 5 million people in eastern Ukraine are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance according to the European Council Commissioner for Human Rights.


This was stated by the Commissioner for Human Rights at the Council of Europe, Nils Muzhnieks in his report, which was presented today in Strasbourg, reports Deutsche Welle.


At the end of a five-day trip to Ukraine, Mr. Muzhnieks found that the protracted armed conflict between government forces and pro-Russian separatists has led to the destruction of many civilian infrastructure.


According to the commissioner, around 1.3 million inhabitants of Donbass are without drinking water. Several clinics and educational establishments were completely or partially destroyed by the bombings. In the city of Kramatorsk alone, 30 schools, 20 kindergartens and 3 hospitals were damaged.


In addition, in most towns in Donbass health services are deteriorated or non-existent, the prices of basic foodstuffs have increased by more than 300% and medicines are unavailable.


Mr Muzhnieks urged the leaders of pro-Russian separatist organizations "DNR" and LNR "to resolve restrictions on the passage of NGO convoys and to open" humanitarian corridors "through the conflict zone.


The commissioner noted that charities now do not have access to eastern Ukraine.


Likewise, the Commissioner at the Council of Europe urged the Ukrainian government to assist the displaced persons and to draw up an action plan to ensure their social protection and integration.


In all, 5 million people are affected and this winter could herald the worst humanitarian disaster that Europe has known since the last world war.


AICM, as well as a few NGOs, are concentrating all their activity on the areas concerned and, in the last quarter of 2015, foresees the delivery of 57 tonnes of medical equipment.


More than ever in Ukraine, we need your support.


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