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For Roubijné hospital


Rubizhne Hospital is close to the fighting and has been receiving wounded soldiers and civilians in the area for a year as a frontline hospital. Although the situation on the front has stabilized in 2 months, the prospect of an offensive on both sides is not ruled out and we want to take advantage of this lull to help.

Due to the increase in the number of patients due to the influx of refugees and the closure of many surrounding institutions due to the conflict, there is a great shortage of medical supplies, consumables and medicines. For the past 9 months, the hospital has not received funding from the state to improve equipment and buildings; and only 30% of the annual budget. Constant problem with water and electricity.

Only 2 generators, which are several decades old and need repair, take on the role in case of shutdown. 90% of rooms are emergency.

80% of medical equipment is older than 40 years. Two of the four buildings do not have an oxygen circuit. Beds and mattresses are in poor condition, no: sheets, towels, curtains, etc.

Nurses and doctors themselves buy clothes and often medicines for patients. The ambulance fleet consists of 11 ambulances, of which only 4 are working properly. Note that the condition of roads in this region is bad. The medical staff makes minor repairs on the weekends.

The project provides for the supply of 25 tons of equipment and consumables necessary for the minimum operation of the hospital and to be delivered in winter 2015/2016.

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