AICM in 2021
31 employees
165 assisted care centers
2 750 000 direct and indirect beneficiaries, including 16.500 COVID patients in intensive care



At the end of October, the AICM governing office will present to its founders the projects of the Fund for 2013, among which there are 7 areas:

- Fight against Cancer in Ukraine:

Despite the fact that the situation continues to deteriorate due to an acute lack of consistent reform in the health care system, as well as the lack of an effective fight against corruption in medical institutions, the Foundation will continue its activities in this direction: To promote the creation of Patient Associations at the national level in order to so that they can actually and directly influence the organs of the health care system in order to modernize cancer centers; Create information services for patients with specially trained medical personnel at dispensaries; Support initiatives to improve patient admission and treatment; Promote prevention and early diagnosis. There are 5 projects planned for the fight against cancer and we hope that the newly elected parliament and members of the government will take an active part in this.

- Fight against Epilepsy:

Unfortunately, we did not manage to implement the Epilepsy project in 2012. The need for this project is due to the fact that about 80% of patients do not receive adequate treatment. There are about 500,000 patients in Ukraine, 50% of whom are children and young people. In 2013, the Foundation will devote great efforts to the development of this project. It is planned to hold a conference and the arrival of French neurologists in the first trimester of 2013, as well as the publication of an information brochure for patients. In parallel, we plan to help the Patient and Patient Parents Association in their various projects, including providing useful information about epilepsy in schools, as well as engaging the authorities in changing the current situation.

- AICM Rehabilitation Center:

For 4 years we have been actively working on this project and in 2013 we are planning to open a modern rehabilitation center near Kiev. The budget is estimated at UAH 5 million. This center will specialize mainly in the recovery of victims of road traffic accidents (which increased in 2011 by 12%), as a result of which 15% of people become seriously disabled.

- Palliative care:

The Odessa palliative care project is supported by local authorities and French partners. The goal is to open the center in 2015.

- Helping hospitals and emergency centers:

In 2013, AICM will continue to provide assistance to hospitals in need, which the Foundation has been doing for 9 years. We also plan to continue providing rescue and technical equipment for the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Donetsk region, which was launched in September 2012 with the support of the French organization “Pompiers de l’Urgence Internationale”. -

Training and referral of Ukrainian doctors for training in France:

Through competitive selection under the APHP program in 2013, we will continue to send Ukrainian doctors to practical short-term internships, as well as facilitate the participation of Ukrainian specialists in international conferences and provide access to research laboratories in France.